Functional Fun with a Purpose

I pride myself on understanding you and your goals. I provide a holistic solution to your health and fitness development. Specialising in home, outdoor and virtual training in and around the Hampton area. 

I believe that everyone can have the body they want regardless of gender, age or ability. My bespoke training programmes are designed to help you make the radical changes to your health, fitness and daily lifestyle. With a combination of nutrition, exercise, lifestyle coaching and motivation you will achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

Whether you are an athlete training for a competition, someone with a goal of getting out a chair unaided or someone who wants to improve an aspect of fitness, I can help!

Gym Workout


Learning to Live a Happy Healthy Life

Alex, known as PT Mac, specialises in the science behind exercise and nutrition. With a degree in physiology and biomechanics, he understands that everyone is different with their own unique goals.

Longevity is the focus! Alex is an elite personal trainer who helps clients using a holistic approach to develop their health, wellbeing and most importantly, their happiness. With a Psychologist as a partner, Alex understands that a healthy mind, fuelled by good nutrition, appropriate exercise and positive lifestyle choices can have significant improvements in leading a fulfilling life. Why is all this important? Because life doesn't stop at 60, 70 or 80! We must live life in the moment whilst also sparing a thought for the future. 

So what are my goals? Become a physiotherapist, to which I am starting in September 2022, to further specialise in back pain rehabilitation, obtain a level 5 sports massage qualification, optimise my own health and rescue as many dogs as I can


The Simple & Effective 5-Point Plan
to Success

  1.  Consultation - A discussion all about you, your goals and current health 

  2. Programme Planning - A bespoke exercise programme with nutritional advice designed for you 

  3. Implementation - The part of the journey where together, we workout, sweat and conquer 

  4. Results Analysis - The time to review progress and find new motivation and inspiration

  5. Future Goals - Goals change as you progress, so we will set new targets and challenges 

Home Fitness


My aim is to help you identify your goals, design a science based exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through every exercise, every workout.

I am looking to become your coach, trainer and teacher. We will focus on your goals, as well as developing your understanding for self sufficient longevity.


My fitness expertise:​

  • provides you a passionate trainer with a broad understanding of all fitness needs 

  • can help you to lose excess fat and gain lean muscle at the same time

  • educates you about sustainably positive lifestyle choices, attitudes and habits 

  • emphasises the importance of good posture and injury prevention 

  • makes everyday activities easy with a functional exercise approach

Contact me today and let’s start training together!